As Many Guitarists Meet, Much Strumming Ensues

The world of the classical guitar has become appealingly chaotic over the last few decades, in much the same way the new-music world has: players with traditional tastes and interpretive instincts work alongside guitarists steeped in pop and folk sensibilities, with avant-gardists and world-music devotees contributing new textures and languages to the mainstream.

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Raritan River Festival succeeds with musical diversity

Expect the unexpected at the Raritan River Music Festival, which takes place this month in Hunterdon and Warren counties.
The festival has a history of it. Take, for instance, the Fula Flute concert in 2003.
“It was a type of chamber music from West Africa and it was a flute ensemble and it was part of their musical tradition. It was pretty unusual but really successful,” said fest co-founder Laura Oltman. “That is classical music to them.”

Hochkultur + Atmosphäre + Organisation = "Iserlohn"

Schon die ersten Eindrücke zeigten (inzwischen für mich erwartungsgemäß), dass Thomas Kirchhoff, Duopartner seiner Frau Dale Kavanagh im “Amadeus Guitar Duo” -, der das Symposion seit 1992 durchgehend federführend und verantwortlich organisiert, in Kooperation mit dem Personal des Hauses Villigst die Sache wiederum absolut im Griff hatte.

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Sounds Heard: Music from Raritan River—Newman & Oltman Guitar Duo

This is why a disc of music for guitar duo devoted to a broad range of composers, including work by composers not typically associated with the guitar, is pretty exciting. And the fact that it was recorded by the long established Newman & Oltman Guitar Duo, a group that has been around for over 30 years, gives the project even more significance. It is certainly a joy to hear guitars playing music by Lowell Liebermann and Augusta Read Thomas, two composers I would not have associated with the instrument.

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